Please understand there are five names in total I have published who are involved in these crimes, three of the five are extremely wealthy and would fight any published slander, "THAT IS IF THE WORDS WERE LIES."             

These words are all true and I will never be challenged, to challenge my words would be to have these words heard in a court of law and for a liar this would be the last place they would ever want to be, even if they commit perjury.

I will be adding more later though for now I leave you with this;

Claudia O’Keefe has committed more than three Federal Felonies.

Claudia intentionally brought great life threatening harm to an 18 month old disabled infant on life support/ she did this solely for money and hate.

Claudia committed these crimes with her mother Diane Emerich

Compelling unadulterated evidence stands supporting these words and suggests she was in fact paid for these crimes.

The reason for all the paying and hush hush is the possibility the St. Jude Children’s Hospital is involved as the next three names are all the longest serving Board members of this hospital.

For Board members of an annual $2 Billion charitable hospital to be involved with the intentional attempted murder of a sick and disabled infant only to hide a possible relationship could ruin the entire hospital so money was no object when it came time to hide these crimes.

All five conspired to hide this “Only” because of the true relationship between Marlo Thomas, the hospital and the child to be hidden could damage such a reputation.

The Other Three Names Involved Who Initiated These Mentioned Acts Are;

 MARLO THOMAS /My Big Sister-Who Harmed My Small Son & Paid For The Crimes

 TONY THOMAS    / My Big Brother

 Teresa Thomas    / My Big Sister Who Brought Great Harm On My Small Son

All these crimes committed and only because my forgoing siblings wanted not to be related to me. As a result they were all willing to murder my son. The site marlothomas1 mentioned at the start of this site is a good place to read more on this topic.


These brave sons and daughters, fathers and mother’s, sisters and brothers are those who unselfishly gave their lives for this country. The liberties and freedoms we have and the right to a legal court proceeding we share are due to the great sacrifice’s these brave men and women have made and now these two women, Claudia O’Keefe and Diane Emerich thought nothing of these sacrificed lives when they excepted money to lie in a court of law and commit perjury to hide the truth about the serious crimes they took part in.

For Claudia, committing perjury is as normal as taking a daily walk, she holds no respect for the sworn oath or the lives given, as proven. This perjury also was committed in an effort to hide the attempted murder of an 18 month old infant on life support, her own nephew.

That’s right, it has been proven by her own words as well as the words of her accomplice, Diane Emerich, her mother who in a court of law stated how they were offered money (which means they received it) to engage in criminal acts for the purpose of bringing harm to a dying child.

Other sites of interest

For ten years I have published three web sites including the one before you, all of which are stating facts and supported with legal integrity. Some of these facts you’ll still be able to see on the other sites.

These facts stated have never once been contested by those accused and even though these facts are of collusion to commit criminal conduct of extremely heinous nature they still remain uncontested meaning those accused to this day, ten years later, have never challenged my words. .

Who is Claudia O’Keefe? Claudia O'Keefe is one of the key principle players in this orchestrated montage of crimes designed to conceal a magnanimous truth from the public and she has done so at the cost of an infant’s life who was on life support at the time. Should she consider my words a lie or in any way false I welcome her to refute these words.

America wants to pride itself on the sworn oath; Claudia O’Keefe is a shining example of perjury and everything the oath is not.

Thousands of Americans have died for our flag and our right as American's to take the oath and give a sworn true testimony. However what both Claudia and her mother have done is the same as walking up to each one of those dead service men and women, look right at them as they lay there and then spit right in their face.

Much of this information is posted on the other sites and very soon the You Tube site will finally be published telling the entire story as my two attorneys’ begin to complete this saga. I will also continue with more on this site though I thought it was extremely important to publish this information now. From what I understand, and unless circumstances change, Claudia O’Keefe and her mother Diane Emerich will finally answer for their actions, along with others, in the federal court system.